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Imagine a beautiful pendant that exudes a rare energy and vibration unlike any other?
Intertwining spiritualism and beauty is an achievement that seldom can do.
At ORRA, the teams of experienced craftsmen have managed to excel at this for a decade through their Spiritual Collection.
A rare amalgamation of shapes and forms inspired by deep-rooted religious significance form the cornerstone of this collection’s ethos. 
mantrasidhhhi-collectionThe launch of The “Mantrasiddhi,” line of jewellery from ORRA has enthralled customers who are ecstatic about this collection- a rare amalgamation of shapes and forms inspired by deep-rooted religious significance
If you think this is just a design masterpiece then know this – each pendant has been created as a result of intensive research drawing inspiration from the power of the holy mantras.
The Mantrasiddhi collection features 10 exquisitely crafted pendants in 18kt gold and platinum, embellished with precious stones and a mantra etched to invoke the blessings of each deity. The pendants take the form of four gods- Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva and Surya. The collection is priced at Rs.17500 onwards.
Ganesha the benevolent has a new avatar! Yes, all you devotees gear up for a one-of-a-kind pendant to show your love for the elephant god.

What sets this design apart is that the OM mantra is etched in Braille!
Inspired by the visually impaired, Shurti Ganesha is a tribute from ORRA to a section of society that’s sadly been ignored by mainstream.
Here’s an interesting story of how this pendant was conceptualized.
While working on the Mantrasiddhi concept, ORRA’s chief designer was struck by a stroke of inspiration, as she had to pass the National Association For the Blind on her way to work.
Why not design a beautiful piece of jewellery for this special audience who can only feel the beauty but not see it? This was her rationale.
Her creative juices led her to design the pendant using braille – Something that has never been done in the jewelry world. Such a stroke of creativity was thanks to the inspiration derived from the visually impaired and their strength and belief in spirituality. The concept behind the Braille pendant was to give the visually challenged a piece of jewellery that’s not just Spiritual but something they can connect to at a more personal level. The production of the Shurti Ganeha pendant was a challenging process as it went through multiple stages of designing and quality control to ensure the Braille was correctly etched.
Mr. Vijay Jain, CEO, ORRA avers, “The Mantras have a great significance, while they can be said verbally and seen visually they resonate in the mind. Chanting mantras helps the visually impaired come closer to God; it helps them build a special Spiritual bond, and taking forward this ideology ORRA etched the mantras in Braille.”
ORRA’s Mantrasiddhi collection is now available across ORRA’s stores and on its website www.orra.co.in. Each pendant in the collection comes in a beautifully handcrafted box with a pothi which details out the significance of each of the Mantras and pendants. Transform your life with the powers of the holy mantras.

Watch the lives of exuberant and amazingly talented visually impaired children unfold in this extremely heart warming video created by ORRA jewellery. The video showcases ORRA’s Braille pendant, extremely adorable kids sharing their lives with ORRA and the CEO and Head Designer talk about ORRA’s inclusive pendant which celebrates the lives of visually impaired.

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