February 14, 2016 , In: Seasonal Trends

1There are plenty of ways to set those hearts aflutter this Valentine’s Day – All it takes is a touch of imagination and a dash of creativity!
Gifting plays an integral role on this special day and boy do you want to make sure you get it right!
Flowers and chocolates – Sure… But if you want to melt a woman’s heart then nothing can compare to a jewelled surprise.
It’s a treasure no woman can resist …
Sacred, precious and treasured in all cultures, this is the ultimate gift and symbol of love and devotion.
From fine crafted earrings to delicate rings -let our selection of the best gifts give you a helping hand.
Here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to set hearts racing this Valentine’s Day.

  • ENIGMATIC EARRINGS – Loud or demure, stylish or sleek – the best part about gifting your girl a pair of earrings is the fact that there are multiple styles for every taste and budget. Long chandeliers frame aquiline faces whilst simple but elegant solitaires are a sure-fire favourite. Colour her life with a mix of precious stones or go for gold in a number of hues.
  • RING BLING – If it’s not a marriage proposal then boys stay away from solitaires! But fret not; there are plenty of floral and geometric designs that can set a girl’s heart aflutter. Stackable rings are in vogue whilst a traditional rose ring or feathered pattern are sure to excite even the fussiest diva. Don’t underestimate the beauty of floral or faunal motifs re- crafted with a dazzling stone or lacquer.
  • PENCHANT FOR PENDANTS – Confused on what to buy? Choose a pendant in an array of styles. From a diamond studded heart or her birthstone to a flower or the initial of her name, you simply cannot go wrong with this gift. For a stylish option, layer two pendants on chains of varying lengths and gift your partner a double treat that will impress her forever.
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