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September 4, 2015 , In: ORRA News

“Why do you buy Diamonds?” Does that really qualify as a question?
Which girl doesn’t believe that a diamond is the symbol of eternal love encased in a precious gemstone that is created by nature and holds a mystic and romantic allure like no other.

Well, enough said – so how does one chose the best diamond?

Buying a diamond is not an everyday occurrence and hence you must be careful when you make this big purchase. While purchasing a diamond you must take into consideration the 4 C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.

Out of the 4C’s there is one that takes precedence over the others. Here’s why….

Nature customizes each diamond giving it a combination of different colour, different clarity and to a certain degree even influences the cartage of the diamond but it is up to the cutter to give it its most important facet. This makes CUT the most important factor when you buy a diamond. Sadly due to ignorance, most people ignore this when they buy diamonds. An ideal cut unlocks the intrinsic beauty of the diamond.

Why such a fuss about the cut, you ask?
Let’s give you a simple example.
Haven’t you seen those images of celebrities in their ‘before’ and ‘after’ make up shots?
Just as makeup brings out and highlights the beauty of one’s features, the cut unlocks the beauty of the diamond.

Another question we get asked a lot is if carat and cut are inter-related.
Carat is the weight of the diamond and not the size of the diamond. Many cutters and polishers cut and polish the diamond to retain the weight of a diamond. Some polishing companies will choose to polish the diamond with less optimal angles, which results in increased weight of the diamond, thus compromising on the Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire of the diamond. So you may have a bigger diamond with less Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire.
Clarity of Diamonds is another noteworthy factor. Clarity is akin to nature’s birthmarks so the greater the inclusions the more it affects the light performance.

Okay, now we come to the most important factor – PRICE
Here’s another frequently asked question..
Why do two diamonds show a drastic price difference between the same colour, clarity and carat?

Remember how the cut unlocks the diamond’s beauty?

But sadly, an ideal cut also costs diamond reduction in a carat weight. Hence if a one-carat diamond has been poorly cut it may reduce it’s actual weight to 70 cents but a well cut diamond may get reduced in its weight to just 48 cents.

Here’s how it works – We all know that Alphonso mangoes are world famous and they are known as the ‘king of mangoes’ and hence they come at a special price. The finest Alphonso mangoes are very rarely available in the Indian market and are in fact exported to Middle East, UK and US. Did you ever think about this?

The reason is because the best quality Alphonso mangoes command a premium price, which the Indian market is not ready to pay for. When the traders export this outside India even after adding up the taxes and duties the cost of these Alphonso mangoes does not shoot drastically for them.

Similarly some companies who are in the trade from mine to market get the opportunity of picking up the finest cut diamonds before they are exported to other countries. The same cut and source may command a special premium if exported but are sold at great prices within India. Despite presenting the best diamonds their price in the local market is lower than the international market.

Remember the best diamonds come from Antwerp, Belgium, which is known as the Diamond Capital of the World. So a Belgium cut diamond is truly the best in every way.

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