Picking the most brilliant diamond – The ORRA Crown Star

October 17, 2016 , In: Buying Guide, Current Trends, fashion, ORRA News, Trends

Diamonds are certainly a girl’s best friend! But just what has made these precious stones the subject of one’s desire? ORRA Fine Jewellery knows just what the woman wants in a diamond. Backed by its legacy of perfecting the art of crafting diamonds, the brand continues to celebrate the uniqueness of women with the best dazzling diamonds, making them simply impossible to hide.


While most jewelers focus on the trading and perhaps manufacturing of jewellery, unlike other jewellers ORRA goes beyond, not only to manufacture, but also cut, craft and polish the heart of jewellery i.e. the diamond, with a complete presence from rough to retail. With its centuries old Belgian legacy resounding since 1888, ORRA has looked beyond traditional parameters of the 4c’s (i.e. color, carat, clarity and cut) to focus on the brilliance of the stone! Craftsmen work with precision and skill to align each facet in order to bring out the brilliance, sparkle and fire which means the actual dazzle of the diamond can be seen under the BrillianceScope which is available at all our stores.


The pursuit of innovation made the brand create the ORRA Crown Star diamond, a patented design with 73 facets vs. the regular 57 faceted diamond. To put it in simple words, the ORRA Crown Star diamond is akin to a fire burning bright in the centre of a dark room, magnified by 73 mirrors instead of just 57 mirrors. This innovative diamond promises to make you stand out from the crowd with its sheer dazzle. The brand offers this breakthrough diamond in upto 5 carats in solitaires and now also in jewellery with diamond caratage of 10 cents onwards. To experience its brilliance, walk into any one of our 32 stores across 24 cities or simple log onto www.orra.co.in.


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