Shine on you crazy diamond!

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One look at the most elegant party in town and what stands out besides the stunning dresses is the jewellery that adorns these lovely ladies! A hint of gold here, a dash of platinum, encrusted with precious rubies and gems. But amongst all the different types of jewellery available, diamonds, we can amicably agree, are a class apart! Elegant with their “unmatched brilliance and dazzle”, they have been favorites since time immemorial.

ORRA Solitaire - 2

And while Certificates and the 4C’s of a diamond – the Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat are useful tools – they fail to measure what is at the heart of the diamond – its Fire, Scintillation and Brilliance!!

Two solitaires with the same Certification will not have the same brilliance.

ORRA Solitaire - 3

At ORRA, we believe what really matters from the consumer’s perspective is the Brilliance of the diamond and therefore we have gone beyond the 4Cs to create the ORRA Crown Star – “Pure Brilliance – Impossible to Hide”.

Unlike most jewelers who buy their diamonds from third parties, at ORRA we cut, polish and craft diamonds at our own factories. In fact, we are amongst the world’s largest diamond cutting & polishing network.

ORRA Solitaire - 4

Inspired by the 700 year old Belgian legacy of diamond crafting and our huge diamond heritage, we have created and patented the ORRA Crown Star – the most brilliant diamond – a spark of fire sure to make you stand out in a crowd!

ORRA Solitaire - 5

Having mastered the journey of a diamond directly from the mine and all the way to the stores, ORRA has come a long way in attainting nothing less than perfection for diamonds. The ORRA Crown Star with its 73 facets, far more superior to the regular diamond which has only 57 facets. Cut and aligned in perfect symmetry, each facet uses the element of light to achieving its true brilliance, fire and sparkle. So should you be looking to shine bright at your next social do, or simply convey love to that special someone who is one in a million, we invite you to walk into any of our 32 stores across 24 cities or simply log onto

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