The Elephant God – Ganpati Bappa

September 18, 2015 , In: Festive Trends


“Shuklaambara DharamVishnum, ShashiVarnamChaturBhujam,
PrasannaVadanamDhyaayet, SarvaVighnaUpashaanthaye”


fMeaning: Lord Ganesha always dressed in white represents purity. He is omnipresent with gray complexion like that of ash glowing with spiritual splendor. The Lord with bright countenance has four arms. I meditate on the God who can destroy all obstacles whether material or spiritual.

Ganpati festivities are in full swing and 2 days have already past the celebrations.
It takes almost 8-9 months of hard work for the artisans to conceptualize, craft and paint the idols. Be it small or big, every idol is made with equal joy and enthusiasm.

sketchingLikewise a team of artisans put in their strength and creative forces together to conceptualize, design, manufacturing a piece of jewel.

Designer sketching the SarvarthadaGanesha.

Vijay Jain, CEO ORRA talks about the pendant “Lord Ganesha is the favourite God of the masses, SarvarthadaGanesha pendant from the Mantrasiddhi collection is dedicated to the elephant headed God.”
During Bappa’s (as he’s lovingly called) annual visit, devotees leave no stone unturned to ensure that the elephant head god is welcomed in style and pomp. The physical attributes of Ganesha are complete with spiritual symbolisms. Various symbols and forms speak a lot whilst words may fall short.
A big head of an Elephant symbolizes to think big, small eyes but natural ability to see things bigger, large ears to listen carefully, flexible trunk to be adaptable, wide mouth to celebrate and enjoy life, broken tusk to be free from orderliness, big stomach to be large hearted and be able to digest the good and bad, Four hands – to think in all directions mana, buddhi, chitta and ahamkara, Modak to seek the reward of penance, Musak – a mouse to keep the desires in control, one leg folded and other on ground to aim high and yet remain grounded.

modakModak-This dumpling shaped sweet is loved by Ganesha


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