December 30, 2015 , In: Seasonal Trends

How does one get through the holiday season, looking like a million bucks, with minimal effort?

Perhaps the most festive season of the year is winter?

After all there are Christmas and New Year parties to attend,
weddings to celebrate and generally people are on the lookout for an excuse to have a swinging time.
Of course festivities spell opulence, and that includes one’s wardrobe.
Tis not the season to sport sloppy trousers and a crumpled t-shirt..
So how can one look elegant and festive without being mistaken for a walking Christmas tree?
What is the look of the season and how can one achieve it with minimal fuss?
The look for this season is simple, classy and understated.
Your clothes shouldn’t overpower your personality.
img42Favourite colours ? Grey, navy, brown, dark burgundy, olive and quintessential black.
Steer clear of powdery shades because they clash with Indian complexions.
The best tip one to follow is not to get overly caught up with fashion trends, but rather dress to suit one’s personality and style.
Go for long flowing gowns as this is the only season one can wear such outfits and team them with stunning chandelier earrings and a bare neck.
Copper gowns with light pistachio swirls, ivory French lace gowns with caviar beads and crystals, white byzantine high and low gowns, Moroccan embroidered boat neck with cowl back gowns and red French lace are in vogue right now. If the gown or dress is embellished then try a chunky ring to accentuate your look. And remember don’t be a slave to fashion, but try and shine by highlighting your own personality and best features.

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