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Does jewellery ever go out of style?
No, not really….
But jewellery though timeless and expensive, tends to follow trends similar to those in the fashion industry.
After all, today perceptions are fast changing and jewellery is not only viewed as a mere investment or ornament that is taken out during a wedding or festive season and put back in the locker.
Meet the 21st Century Woman of style and sophistication…
The woman, who is practical, knows her business and is extremely efficient. Today’s woman sees jewellery as an extension of her personality and takes as much care on selecting the right pair of earrings or bangles to go with her outfit as a pair of shoes or a handbag.
Keeping this fact in mind, jewellery designers create that are seasonal, coinciding with women’s wear collections.
This winter team your wardrobe full of turtlenecks and stylish jackets with gold jewellery, which is minimum, easy to wear, lightweight, simple yet elegant.
Women crave for jewellery that is both culturally relevant and imminently wearable so you can team a lightweight necklace and bangles with both Indian and western winter wear with equal aplomb.
A stylish pashmina with long, chandelier earrings is a brilliant match. Solitaires stand out on a woollen sweater like nothing else!
Again, daily wear jewellery tends to be stylish and light weight with an emphasis on wear ability and minimal fuss, as clean lines dominate the design usually in a matt or neutral finish. Party wear tends to be a tad bolder and more sophisticated with larger pieces in striking designs – A true expression of this winter’s specials.

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