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December 20, 2016 , In: Current Trends, fashion, Seasonal Trends, Trending, Trends

New Year 2017 is just round the corner, and the celebrations have only just begun! Not leaving any stone turned when it comes to the party season, we Indians love experimenting with new food, clothes and not to forget different holiday destinations! Why then, must the lovely brides-to-be get left behind when it comes to experimenting with jewellery? While gold will continue to hold its eternal place as a classic when it comes to walking down the aisle, platinum is soon catching up to be the new favorite! Replete with designs of the contemporary international fashion scenario, edgy platinum jewellery encrusted with diamonds are creating ripples at Indian weddings!

ORRA - Tulip collection - Necklace

Whether paired with the flowing red lehenga of the ceremony, or the evening reception gown, platinum has set precedence for elegance at its best! As the dress is always chosen before jewellery, platinum adds an interesting dash of brightness to the overall look! The heavier platinum necklaces bring out an everlasting essence through its undertones, subtle yet ever so dazzling.

ORRA - Tulip collection - Earrings

Not to forget, platinum has also made a great impact on the pre-wedding market with its rings and bracelets. Matching couple bands are now serving as a beautiful reminder of everlasting love. Even small pieces are known to make a style statement and are therefore being looked at as the most regal choice when it comes to gifting for your life partner. In addition, the investment value that it holds over gold has also given it increased preference. ‘Eternity rings’ which are considered to be the ultimate romantic gift for a partner are characterized with diamonds that go all the way around the band giving them a more luxurious look and feel. With a variety of settings such as pavé, channel, tension amongst others, there is no limit to experimentations with designs! Acting as a reminder of a special occasion, these also act as a heirloom for generations to come.

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So this wedding season, don’t hold back! Should platinum capture your heart, be sure to pay us a visit for some of the most exquisite designs!

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