Celebrate your special connect with ORRA’s Cubism collection

December 28, 2018 , In: Buying Guide, Current Trends, ORRA News

The beauty of modern art captured in the canvas of love, ORRA Platinum Couples introduces its latest Cubism collection of platinum love bands.

Designed around interconnected geometric shapes, each one to echo a memory from your unique love story.  A perfect reminder of the rare and beautiful relationship you share, cast in the rarest of precious metals – Platinum. Truly the metal of love, it is found in select locations around the world. ORRA Platinum Couples uses Platinum as its canvas & embellishes it with ORRA diamonds for maximum brilliance. The journey of each of ORRA’s diamonds is traced from the depths of the earth only to be cut & polished to perfection.  Nothing defines love like these ORRA Platinum Couple Bands.

Cubism rings

Inspired by the early 20th century art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso which brought European paintings and sculptures historically forward to 20th century modern art, each pattern is soulfully connected to the other, just like you are to the one you love. Whether the connection happened instantly from the moment you met him, or took the form of a deeper conversation with something that you are passionate about, this connection proved to build a special and rare bond, unique to the two of you. Drawing you both deeper to each other in a way that you have never felt before, and letting this connection develop stronger with each passing day, flaunt your moment of connection every single day.

Cubism ring

Marking the moment that forms the reason for your connection, experience this gorgeous new collection at an ORRA store near you. Priced at Rs. 34000 /- onwards, visit an ORRA store near you or log on to www.orra.co.in for more details today.

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