A celebration from the heart this Mother’s Day!

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‘Ma’, ‘Mummy’, ‘Aai’, ‘Mommy’, ‘Aami’, ‘Mamma’, no matter what you may call her, the emotion of love that you have for her will always be the same! Mothers don’t just deserve only one day of celebration in the entire year, but rather, need to be celebrated everyday! But why did anybody think back onto creating a special day for them?

Credit can be attributed to Anna Jarvis of the United States who worked hard towards creating the concept in celebration of the love and dedication by all mothers, whose efforts mostly run unnoticed. More so, the day was a celebration in remembrance of her mother, Mrs. Anna M Jarvis. To quote her simply, Anna said that ‘Mothers Day is in honor of the best mother that ever lived – the Mother of your heart’. It was in 1914 that an official announcement declaring Mother’s Day as a national holiday to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Apart from its celebration in the USA, historically, Mother’s Day was also celebrated by the Romans and Greeks in celebration of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele and the celebration of the traditional “Mothering Sunday”.

But does this one day mean you go up and wish her a very ’Happy Mother’s Day’ or rush or give her an entire day to lay back and spruce up a special meal? Interestingly, according to a research conducted by Conductor.com, ‘Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts’ was searched over 3000x/month! So are we really progressing in celebration of our wonderful mothers? Or pushing it ahead as a ‘must do’ that will save us a guilt trip for ourselves? Can we instead go back and recognize what she really loves and wants to do? How about a creative thought or idea to spoil her, not just today, but every day? Is she a fan of everything personalized or does she want a special gift? Or does she really want you to just take out time for her today?

What we often tend to give far less importance to is the fact that our mothers have made us what we are today. Be it professionally or on a personal level, she has made every sacrifice to ensure that we get only the best! No, she did not attend a school for mothers and gain a degree to teach you to believe in yourself. Nor did she take up a special course to teach you to love and share! And that is enough and more reason to celebrate her everyday with #GreatJobMom


In this celebration of her from the heart, here are a few heartfelt messages from our customers for their mom’s on this special day:

My mom deserves a day out because my mom Chanda Dalmiya is my inspiration. My Mom is the best gift in my life that I have! I start my day with my mom’s call .My all troubles and worries sort out with my moms words “I m there for you”. I love you mom! On Mother’s Day I really want to gift you lots of love and prayers. May your hands be always on our heads as long as I live. Thank you Mom! #MothersDay – Shalini Dalmiya


A Mother’s love is something which no one can explain, it is endless and unselfish and of sacrifice and pain, it is made of deep devotion. Happy Mother’s day to all Mums! A mother always remains a mother for her children and that’s so sweet of her. – Fiza Naz


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Here is wishing all wonderful moms out there, a wonderful Mothers Day!


*Quotes edited for increased readability

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