Dazzling diamonds – the new work wear staples

March 14, 2018 , In: Buying Guide, Current Trends

Ladies, we work hard. A simple 9-5 is a thing of the past. We multi-task, we super task, we simply ace it with finesse! And while we enjoy our jobs, being a working woman doesn’t mean we should love ourselves any less during the work week! When a simple gesture, like a smile to an unknown stranger, can go a long way in brightening up their day, what are the little things that we do for ourselves that show a little self-love? Whether it’s indulging in that decadent piece of tiramisu over lunch or packing in those few extra minutes of sleep, love for self is sometimes all that you need!

So why should we simply dress up for work? Why not make a style statement every single day? Having made its way into offices across the world, diamonds are now contributing to a stunning look in our offices as well! Simple yet effervesce of elegance, here are our top picks of diamond jewellery that are simply a must have as your work wear staples:


Diamond Studs: Just the right amount of sparkle. A simple design yet something out of the ordinary. Choose from round, emerald or pair shaped designs. Versatile as it is, it serves as the perfect go-to pair that goes well with almost every look. Did we forget to mention that these are perfect investments on that bonus paycheck?


Statement rings: Although most would associate this jewellery as a large piece of adornment, we encourage you to choose a piece that really pops. A ring that simply shows off your one true blue personal style! A simple solitaire, eternity rings or diamonds emblazoned with gemstones, this piece will attract compliments from afar and become the central focus of your outfit! You can also let your inner diva shine with fashionable two finger rings, studded with divine solitaires!

OSN12062 & OSE12062

Diamond drop necklaces: A beautiful classic accessory, there is something magical about how a drop pendant falls off from a stunning Y neck shaped chain. Choose from options in rose gold or platinum adorned with stunning floral motifs, perfect to twirl your fingers around for those moments of deep thought.


French bangles: What the world calls chic, the French call subtle. Masters of the art of minimalistic charm, the French crafted and created this delicate, stand-alone bangle, chic, elegant, lightweight, these pieces of art were born out of the need to embellish the everyday. A single line of diamonds set in 18k gold. Subtle yet stylish, evocative yet easy on the eye, it went on to be known as the French Bangle, a perfect dash of elegance to office every single day.

When everyday is a day to celebrate, why should any decking up be left only for the weekends? Browse through ORRA’s collection of work wear diamond staples today and let the glitter of our diamonds your breath away every day!

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