A diamond legacy to your testimony of love

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A moment you want to remember for an eternity, a moment sealed with nothing except pure love. ORRA celebrates the beauty of love in the ceremonies of engagements, marriage and anniversaries with stunning solitaire rings captured in a variety of designs in diamonds for both women and men. But do we ever need a reason at all, to put a diamond ring on?

Tracing the diamond’s journey from the depths of the Earth, ORRA’s brings alive the provenance of each stone across different aspects of the value chain. While most jewelers focus on the trading and perhaps manufacturing of jewellery, unlike others ORRA goes beyond, to the heart of jewellery i.e. the diamond, and actually cutting and polishing its own diamonds from the rough, one of the few jewellers in the world to actually do so all the way from rough to retail.

Its global presence and dominant position in diamond cutting and polishing across the world has allowed us not only to cut and craft diamonds for the world, but make a break through innovation focusing beyond color, carat and clarity to focus on the brilliance of the stone through its cut! Part of one of the largest diamond manufacturers globally, the pursuit of innovation led to the creation of the ORRA Crown Star diamond, a patented design with 73 facets vs. the regular 57 faceted diamond. A brand committed to quality and perfection ORRA follows internationally acclaimed processes assuring customers that every piece that comes from under the brand is sourced in a professional, ethical, social, environment friendly and accountable way.

Elaborating further, Mr. Vijay Jain (CEO and Director – ORRA) says, “Since inception, ORRA has been an epitome of unparalleled brilliance in diamond jewellery. And our meritorious craftsmen, inspired by the Belgian legacy, relentlessly work to take it a notch higher with every single passing day. Crafted to perfection, our diamonds, we can proudly say, are the best in the country.”

With an experience of diamonds that comes alive across its 32 stores, one can also choose from over 10000 brilliant stones at www.orra.co.in. Eloquent with handpicked designs by our team of award winning designers choose from stunning pieces in a variety of settings ranging from prong to pavé and more, or log onto the customized panel to create your own set of jewellery or solitaire ring! Bringing out the true magnificence of the diamond, our solitaires are sure to add the perfect touch of magic to the moment you say ‘I do’.

Visit your nearest ORRA store today or call 1800-2661888 for more details today!

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