Encrypted messages of love with ORRA Platinum Couples!

December 11, 2017 , In: Buying Guide

Love, how wonderful it makes us feel! A celebration of this wonderful feeling, sometimes words fall short to describe its wonder. Immortalizing its flawless power in the ceremony of engagements, ORRA presents its best selling ORRA Platinum Couples collection in the form of timeless Platinum Love Bands. For the first step you take towards your ‘forever’, Platinum and Belgian diamonds are the perfect mix of magic in these rings for the exquisite ever glow of love!

Morse Code

Choose from ORRA’s Platinum Collections including Love Code, Symphony and Barcode.  The Love Code collection is a set of matching rings with “You & Me” “I Love You” and “Life” etched in platinum in the telegram language of Morse code. A timeless rendition of an era gone by – a beautiful journey of love etched in dots and dashes, an intimate secret that can be unlocked only by two of you.


If harmony of the body, mind and soul is at the core of your relationship, declare love with the Symphony collection, an ode to the ‘perfect’ fit that you are for each other! Complete only when joined together, each of these matching rings is embedded with a jigsaw puzzle piece in exquisite pink gold.


In line with the digital movement, ORRA has recently introduced another stunning collection in the form of the Barcode. Life that began on two different paths now intertwined forever through a beautiful journey of love! With designs encrypted in the form of a barcode for ‘U’, ‘S’ and ‘US’ the collection celebrates the uniqueness of every love story.

With a dedicated counter for platinum collections at every store, we look forward to dazzling you with the choicest of collections and making your first platinum ring a memorable experience!

Visit any of our stores across the country or log onto www.orra.co.in today!

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