“Fall-Winter 2019; Show off your jewel-studded amours!”


A few days into welcoming the warmest seasons; winters, popular accessories must have already surfaced your wardrobes. Jewellery can never be overseen, even through the many layers of bundling up warmers and sweaters. And as people say, ‘Winters won’t last forever’, you better make the best of it while it lasts. Be the shine that makes this winter a magical one.

ORRA brings to you these 4 jewellery trends, that you just can’t miss out this Winter-Fall season:

Put a ring on it!

Everyone loves a piece of classy cocktail rings. And with the fall/winter season just around the corner, there won’t be a better time to slip on those extra bold rings. From statement-making shapes to over the top big style, you can never go wrong with a piece of ring. Whether a quirk, shiny, modern, vintage, bold, delicate, subtle, colourful, neutral, chunky, abstract or casual, you have a wide range of choices to make to suit your persona. Dare to make that extra-bold statement with tall boots and just any pick from your wardrobe would make the magic happen. Check out the latest diamond rings for women by ORRA here!


Enchanting your necklines

It is perfect how necklaces can add dimension and depth to any outfit. They can dress up your casual afternoon outfit and make it evening-ready and can bring a glamorous evening look back down to earth. Whether simple, elegant necklaces or the extravagantly designed ones, that dangle effortlessly from the neck are a dainty and feminine way of complimenting any winter outfit. Be it your favourite Little Black Dress exclusively flaunting your grace during every winter party a simple diamond necklace can enhance your overall look. Click here to check out ORRA’s all-new range!


Earrings at the very least!

Lengthy statement earrings are definitely in right now! When a necklace doesn’t do enough justice for your winter ‘Outfit of the Day’, a flashy pair of over-the-top drop gold or diamond earrings is all that you would need. It will not just adore your face but also the overlook that you carry! Click here to check out the all-new gold earrings collection for woman by ORRA!


A dash of shine with Pendants!


Gold pendant is the look that you would want to carry this winter fall for all your formal attire. Adding the charm and speaking your persona in your everyday look be inspired with stylish pendants. It simply dazzles all with its enteral, precious and one of a kind beauty. With the exclusive range of ORRA pendants carry a unique style that people get motivated by, to the extent that they would love to follow their dreams at their workspace!


As you prep up for all your winter wardrobe, don’t forget to add the charm with just the right jewels that not only resembles who you are, but also keep you on trend! At ORRA we believe, Winters are the seasons of celebrations, it deserves just the perfect shine!


“An unbeatable Legacy of jewellery trends; Diamond and Gold.”

The preference of Indian market for traditional gold products and diamonds is based on long-entrenched cultural and religious drivers. Gold and diamond have been of ancestral values that has been passed down from one generation to the other, holding sentimental and emotional touch to it as well. With the traditional aspect, gold and diamond jewellery has played an omnipresent role in the trends of Indian jewellery. Be it the British Era or the present-day Milan and Paris fashion-inspired era, Gold and Diamonds have been #Trending for more than a century now.


Diamonds are forever

These rare pieces of shiny jewel have adorned the women of India for ages now. Diamonds have been a symbol of expression of true love and purity in just every relationship. It not just enhances your charm but also enhances your face when you find just the right cut that suits your face structure. In 2019 Diamond rings and Diamond necklaces saw a huge demand in the jewellery trend. Huge bulky diamond jewellery and dazzling diamond necklaces ruled the hearts of the women. Be it traditional or your party guise, diamonds just seem to perfectly fit with just every look.



Old Is Gold 

Along with diamonds, gold is another jewellery that has adorned the jewellery boxes of Indian women for more than a decade now. It not just holds emotional and personal values but also holds religious sentiments too. Gold also plays an important role in the wedding ceremonies for Indians. In 2019 over- the- top extravagant gold earrings played an integral look enhancer for many celebrities. Gold Pendants was the perfect way to experiment everyday looks, giving women a large range of choices to pick from. This Midas’s touch can magically enhance your casual or traditional look at any point of time and occasion.


Trends and traditions go hand in hand for the Indian audience. Gold and Diamond jewellery has evolved over the period of time with modern designs but has never seem to be out of trend in India. In one design way or the other it has made its way to the Indian households and trending charts.

At ORRA we offer a variety of diamond necklaces and rings and Gold pendants and earrings. With exclusive crafting and workmanship, we keep in mind the trends and traditions, bringing the best in trend and tradition jewellery exclusively for your taste and personality.
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