How your favorite jewellery got its name

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We all love stories, don’t we? More often than not however in the pursuit of a new story, we may skip exploring what is already close at hand.  Similarly, for jewellery which forms such an integral part of our lives, did you know that the word is derived from the old French word ‘joule’ and can be spelt as Jewellery (British English) or jewelry (American English).

Here are a few of the stories behind how your favourite pieces of jewellery that came to be named:

ORRA Bel Booti bracelet

Bracelets: Derived from the French word ‘brachialle’ which means armlet, the bracelet has more flexibility that a bangle.

It is interesting to note that the popular tennis bracelet of today has its origin from; yes you guessed it right – an actual game of tennis! A line of diamonds strung together in absolute magnificence, the name can be traced back to when Chris Evert, a professional tennis player lost her designer diamond bracelet on court during her match at the US Open. Play was requested to be suspended until she found her jewellery! From that day on this piece of jewellery came to be known as a tennis bracelet!

ORRA Bangle

Bangles: Today’s modern day pronunciation of the word ‘bangle’s originates from the word ‘bangri’ in Hindi. Its presence can be traced far back in history through the ruins from Mohenjo-Daro excavations which show that bangles were even made of copper, shell and terracotta.

ORRA Pendant - OPD09016

Pendant: Derived from the Latin word ‘pendere’ translating to ‘to hang down’, a loose haging piece of jewellery, it is probably the most playful piece of jewellery one could have ever asked for! Originally meant to be drawn in through the loop in the chain, today pendants are used interchangeably in necklaces and even charm bracelets.


Necklace: The word for ‘neck’ in old English was ‘hnecca’ and add to it the word lace is descriptive of an adornment of a chain or a string of jewels, stones or beads adorned around one’s neck. A general principle for every necklace is that it graduated in size from the middle to the end.

Making a comeback from the 90’s, today chocker necklaces are in vogue being adorned by many celebrities as well as making waves on the aisle. Its history however goes back thousands of years to Mesopotamia and Egypt where they were thought to offer protection to the wearer and held special power.

The ‘Gehena’, ‘Zeenat’, ‘Ara’ or ‘Chhabba’, whichever name you refer to your jewellery as, we hope you enjoy it to the fullest and add your own piece of history to it every single day!

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