How Lord Ganesha made his intellectual tour 3 times around the globe?

September 26, 2015 , In: Festive Trends

Many may not know this, but almost every Hindu god has a vehicle or trusty steed. Have you noticed the tiny mouse around Ganesha’a feet? If yes, that’s the one it is! It all started with a bet between Ganesha and his brother Kartikeya to see who could go the fastest 3 times around the globe. To win this challenege, Kartikeya in no time jumped on his huge bird (his vaahan) while Ganesha was left without a vehicle. His father Lord Shiva gave him a tiny mouse on which Ganesha realized he could never win. Known for his intelligence, he quickly walked upto his parents and circled 3 times around them announcing himself as the winner as his parents symbolized and meant the world to him. From here onwards the tiny mouse became the vaahan of Ganesha.


The pendant features Ganesha seated in a harmonious posture, hints the presence of Shiva within him through the rudraksha perched on the crescent moon and a trident on the trunk.
So the next time you wish to be a globetrotter, just circle around your parents and you would have done the world tour.

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