The Threads of an Infinite Bond – Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Diamonds Jewellery

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On most days, our siblings are our rival number one. But even though at times, we love to hate them, the beauty lies in the fact that underneath this occasional rivalry flows a pure bond of love, concern and trust.

On the auspicious day of Rakhi sisters traditionally tie a thread of shield to their brothers who in turn promises to protect them.
But the scenario is changing today! It is not just Sisters tying Rakhi to their brothers but vice versa. Some sisters today tie Rakhi to their elder sisters who protects and care for them just like any other big brother.

There is never a dull moment when you have your sister around. If Superwoman were real your sister would definitely be one!

Check out these flawless accessories to make this Raksha Bandhan all the more memorable for your sister:


Tisca Ring for Her


This Raksha Bandhan, spread the love and bond that lasts for infinity. Accented with garnets and diamonds, it offers an elaborate and distinct design that binds the promise of Sisterhood that is meant to last for eternity.


True Ring for Her

True to the design and true to the name, this True ring will enhance the beauty that your Sister already is. This ring for women is an exquisite design, that features a ribbon accented with a trio of brilliant, vibrant stones. Made of 18 karat gold, this ring has a gloss finish that will shine for years to come just like the bond you share with your sister. This beautiful design is an epitome of the foundation in any relation; Truth.


Diamond Bracelet

Some brother/sister- sister bonds are not as child like as many. This bracelet is a perfect gift for your Keep-It-Low Key sister, it is assured to take your ‘ I don’t like my jewels too over the top,’ sweeping by the floor! It will not only enhance her hands but also bring out her personality.

Bracelet 1

ORRA Diamond Bracelet

Your siblings are your precious ones, they not only mess with the peace of your mind but also backs you up when things go wrong. This Raksha Bandhan, be a remembrance of eternal shine and spark for your sister, who deserves a band of infinity.


Platinum Bangle

A Rakhi is not just a mere thread, but a promise to be by your sister’s side and every sister deserves nothing but the best, and what better occasion than Raksha Bandhan to pamper your sister! This bangle designs are engraved and built for those rare relationships that lasts forever!


Temptation Bangle

This TEMPTATION Bangle is sure to tempt your sister to do all your share of household chores for the rest of the year. The Belgian diamonds set on exquisitely crafted French Matt Finish platinum bangle is assured to take your sister’s breath away!

You may fight and hit each other every day, but when it comes to protecting you from someone else, you will always find your sisters beside you. Show the appreciation this Raksha Bandhan celebrate this occasion of love, care and bond with purity and bliss. Indulge yourself in the beauty of crafted to perfection Jewels.

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