Valentine’s Day gifting for her

January 24, 2018 , In: Trending

The season of celebrating love is around the corner and while the season calls for cheer, no one wants to be caught without a gift, and more so, definitely not with the wrong gift for sure! Clothes, flowers, accessories, when it comes to women, the list is endless! This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to ‘be like Bill’ and identify the right fit for your dream girl suited to her different avatars! Here is the low down on some choices that can best suit her personality type when it comes to all things bling!


The ‘princess royale’: This beauty loves you to bits, and what you love about her the most is that she loves and accepts herself wholeheartedly, flaws and all! A princess in every sense of the word put together interesting floral designs and motifs that are sure to hit her sweet spot!


For the work week: Not to be taken lightly, she is always ready to excel be it the daily tasks assigned to her or the next big project. Monday mornings are never a dull day, as she loves what she does. Put a smile on her face daily with some of these sophisticated choices.


The party persona: Shines brightest after hours, seeming like all the worries of the world are off her shoulders! With a bounce in her step and song on her lips, show here that you will never let anything bring her down with this pepped up range of pump.


She is fire: Surely you would have remembered her at her fiery best! While you don’t want to ever get on the cross side of her, when she has cooled down, you can’t help but remember how cute she looked when she was angry! Take a light jab at those moments that helped strengthen your relationship rock solid!


The most lovable person on Earth: Yes, her different roles, as a friend, a mother, a wife who has never stopped short of an outpouring of love, let a heart symbolize all the love back from you to her, a reminder that you want to make every day special!

While V-Day may come just once a year, ensure your loves stays around for eternity! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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