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Bridal Bangles

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Bridal Bangles

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Bridal Bangles
One of the most special days in a woman’s life, made even more special adorning her with stunning jewellery on her wedding day! Yes, ORRA brings alive the wedding fervor with carefully curated pieces, delicate and pure! From a wide range of necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants, no look is ever complete without bangles! Encircling and adorning her wrists, they speak volume of her life coming to full circle.

What makes bangles special is the sense of completeness that they give to an overall look for the bride. Whether you choose for them to be larger and heavier pieces, or thinner and light weight, bangles become one with you, swaying at your every move. The light shimmering noise, that flows in sync calls for attention even from afar. Bangles are not merely looked upon as a piece of jewellery when it comes to the Indian bride, but rather a part of their identity.

When choosing bridal bangles, explore from our vast collection of designs suited to varied cultures. Amongst the choices in 22kt gold, one can also choose from styles such as toda, saturla, patli, gott and kadas. Toda bangles are thick gold bands engraved with patterns and motifs. If you are looking for ease of wearing combined with elegance, Saturla bangles are easy to identify with their ‘twist’ functionality. They have also been much known for their kundan and polki studded look with meenakari work. Should you be seeking something that is simple while giving off the pure gold effect, choose from the patli style of bangles. From kundan studded to Kundan Meena Polki Bangles, antique finishes to contemporary finishes, the choice of bangles at ORRA are never ending! While eternal classics such as the heritage polki set which are uncut diamonds embedded in gold have been popular for the longest time at Indian weddings, it is also seeing new variations with the traditional look being combined with a contemporary twist. While it had its origins from the Mughal culture, today, we you can see an innovation from each state of India making it even more eye catching and unique as well as giving a feather touch feel to the wearer as compared to being overbearing in weight.

Simple bangles are also in vogue amongst the contemporary bride! Crafted with simple designs, these bangles speak of pure elegance far and wide. Classic 18kt gold bangles have been redefined with the perfect touch of diamonds at ORRA. The glitter of these collections of diamond bangles will definitely take your breath away!

Platinum is also seeing increasing popularity at mehendi and sangeet functions. Pure, rare and eternal, studded with diamonds they creating an enthralling look for the bride to be. And why leave the grooms behind? Stylish platinum bracelets, rings or even chains with diamonds are very much in vogue for the wedding season!
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