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This beautiful journey can all begin with a stunning diamond ring, but why should you let it end just there? ORRA presents a magical collection of bridal diamond jewellery to truly make you shine on your big day! From bridal solitaire rings to bridal diamond necklaces, diamond bangles, bridal diamond jewellery sets, bracelets and earrings, the choice of sparkling diamonds is endless!

With scintillating hues of a myriad of colours, from floral designs to contemporary patterns, bridal diamond jewellery sets add an interesting dash of brightness to your overall look. Whether you choose an elegant evening gown or a flowing red lehenga, ORRA’s range of bridal jewellery will help you make heads turn nonetheless! Studded with emeralds and rubies at the heart, or a vivacious cluster, ORRA’s range of diamond necklaces are breathtakingly beautiful!

While eternal classics such as the heritage polki set which are uncut diamonds embedded in gold have been popular for the longest time at Indian weddings, it is also seeing new variations with the traditional look being combined with a contemporary twist. While it had its origins from the Mughal culture, today, one can see an innovation from each state of India making it even more eye catching and unique as well as giving a feather touch feel to the wearer as compared to being overbearing in weight.

And why leave the grooms behind? Stylish platinum bracelets, rings or even chains with diamonds are very much in vogue. It has helped add less flash and added grace to their overall look.

So when your love is at its fairytale beginning, be sure to charm the world with dazzling bridal diamond jewellery!
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