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A day special to every woman’s heart, made even more special with the presence of her loved ones. ORRA adorns these beautiful brides with timeless pieces of jewellery in gold!

A dedicated wedding collection, ORRA is host to a couture line of tastefully crafted masterpieces in gold jewellery including bridal jewellery sets, gold earrings, gold bridal bangles and gold necklaces as part of its bridal ornaments collection. The collections are glamorously designed wedding jewellery ornaments, a must in every woman’s jewellery box and have been made available online as well. Studded with diamonds and precious stones, there is no limit to the variety that she can choose from. Ranging from heavy necklaces to light sets meant for mehendi and sangeet ceremonies, no bride is complete without her trousseau set in gold.

ORRA has also innovated with gold jewellery designs in temple jewellery. Temple jewellery has long been associated with tasteful elegance, an extension of one’s spiritual existence. While these exquisite pieces have always been in vogue for the bridal season, the flip side has been the weight that has made many a bride think twice at times! Re-inventing the traditional classic, ORRA is proud to present its ‘Siddhi’ collection of temple jewellery, with every essence of spiritual beauty imbibed, while giving a feather touch feel to the wearer.

‘Siddhi’ which means achieving the peak of spiritual attainment, has come alive in 22kt gold, through this special collection from ORRA. Aiming to add a further sparkle in the eye of brides across India they can now feel free to adorn the whole set for an extended period of time while enjoying their special day. With intricate designs, the sets have been carefully handcrafted with and adorned with navgarh and precious stones.

In addition, ORRA has teamed these beautiful lightweight pieces with one of their best sellers the Ghungroo bangle. This beautiful design has captured the hearts of many with the lilting sounds of the bangle. The traditional concept of Ghungroos with tiny balls of metal has been used to design these bangles. The result is a gorgeous contemporary version of the Ghungroo that tinkles on your wrists when you wear them. Made from 22 kt BIS hallmarked gold, these bangles are a favorite amongst women across the country.

Another stunning collection in bridal bangles include the newly launched Saturla bangles which are a hard to miss for any bride to be! While Saturla bangles are renowned for their ease of wearing and elegance, they have also been much known for their kundan and polki studded look. ORRA however, lays a midas touch to this unique piece of craftsmanship by launching Saturla bangles in pure gold! Lightweight and stylish, these pieces start at 40 grams breaking away from the traditional heavy bangles one would usually see at weddings.

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