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ORRA has launched a captivating collection of rings, earrings and pendants inspired by the universe! Brought together in the Mandala collection, the ensemble is inspired by the circular Mandala forms, which consist of a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.

Set in 18kt gold and pure platinum jewellery, the diamonds in this jewellery collection come alive through the lustrous and carefully thought out patterns.To add to its intricacy, the designs are carefully fused together with the 'Micropave' technique, where a large diamond is set in the centre and smaller, brilliantly cut diamonds are set closely around it. Stunning just like you, and perfect for everyday wear, the use of fine Gold arc in a moving pattern around the Aquila setting core, add volume to the design. These unique settings make for gorgeous diamond pendants and fabulous gold and platinum earrings and rings!

From the Sun being represented in the form of Rose Gold filigree, to the Moon represented by ORRA Aquilla setting and the Wind encircling the design in the form of twisted diamond lines, the collection about all things that we are in awe of in our wonderful universe! Be sure to browse through ORRA’s Mandala collection today!