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Bangles & Bracelets

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Bangles & Bracelets

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Bangles & Bracelets
What’s not to love about diamonds? You know they are a girl’s best friend! Encircled in bangles, they can make any dull day the brightest of all!And when it comes to choosing stunning bangles for your big day, ORRA’s exquisite collection of diamond bangles are simple irresistible!

Intricately designed with the finest Belgian diamonds, ORRA’s diamond bangles come studded with single solitaires to multiple! If sleek is your style and you want to flaunt them every single day, you can choose from the platinum or gold bangles akin to bracelets and studded with round diamonds. On the other hand, if you don’t want to hold back the glam quotient,choose from the thicker range of bangles that will encircle your wrists with sparkle in abundance!

One can also choose from ORRA’s Heritage Collection of diamond bangles where traditional influence comes to life with the exquisitely crafted range of glittering kundan and polki jewellery that will pair beautifully with your wedding trousseau. An entire line of 18kt diamond jewellery revolves around the intricacy and beauty of nature with liberal use of emeralds and tourmalines which denote leaves and flowers. The high end collection can be summed up as opulent, luxurious and skillful creations that are breathtakingly beautiful.

French bangles are another stunning option to choose from! What the world calls chic, the French call subtle. Masters of the art of minimalistic charm, the French crafted and created this delicate, stand-alone bangle, Chic, elegant, lightweight, these pieces of art were born out of the need to embellish the everyday. A single line of diamonds set in 18k gold. Subtle yet stylish, evocative yet easy on the eye, it went on to be known as the French Bangle. The legacy of the French Bangle lives on at ORRA. Their latest collection, Lumiere is an exquisite constellation of oval shaped open-able bangles crafted with pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and embellished with Belgian diamonds. Each one a testimony to ORRA’s design edge. Each one a masterpiece in its own right.

Browse through ORRA’s collection today and let the glitter of these bangles your breath away!
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