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Tanmaniya Pendant

Tanmaniya Pendant Description

Tanmaniya Pendant

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Tanmaniya Pendant
A profession of her undying love for her spouse, tanmaniyas are a beautiful extension of the traditional mangalsutra that adorns the married Indian woman. From being strung across with a gold necklace or a platinum chain or gold pendants adorned with diamonds, ORRA presents an extensive collection of diamond tanmaniya designs.

Immerse yourself into captivating designs in diamonds and of course the coveted ORRA Crown Star. From floral patterns, to constellations, waves and curved lines, ORRA’s collection of tanmaniyas hosts a variety of designs! You can also choose from ORRA’s latest collection of changeable diamond tanmaniya pendants that allow you to adorn three different looks every day. Designed keeping in mind the concept of “Teen pahar” (unit of time) one can adorn three different looks from morning to evening. Starting with the simple the pendant, move in to just a stylish tanmaniya in the noonand end your day with the pendant sliding into the tanmaniya. Team them up with matching earrings and you will fall in love with the collection all over again!

Mix and match your tanmaniya with precious stones from rubies to emeralds, or simply go glam with the navratna collection of tanmaniyas, the choice is yours to make!

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