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Engagement Rings

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Engagement Rings

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Engagement Rings
A moment you want to remember for an eternity, a moment sealed with nothing except pure love. ORRA celebrates the beauty of love in engagements with exquisite designs of love bands.

Say ‘I do’ with collections such as the popular ORRA Platinum Couples collection of matching ‘his’ and ‘her’ bands or solitaire engagement ring options. Immortalizing the flawless power of love, platinum and diamonds weave magic in these rings. These exquisitely crafted rings are embellished with certified Belgian diamonds and conceptualized by ORRA’s award-winning designers.

Take love to new heights with the patented ORRA Crown Star design, a 73 faceted diamond that stands out through its brilliant shine. Convey love without any words to that special one in a million with the stunning ORRA Crown Star ring collection. Choose from gold engagement rings or platinum option, both that fit seamlessly with our star!

Eloquent with handpicked designs by our team of award winning designers choose from stunning pieces in a variety of settings ranging from prong to pavé and more, explore the customized panel today and create a personalized solitaire ring that speaks of your unique love story!
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