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Be a part of the brand that’s making women dazzle across the country
ORRA franchise

ORRA is one of India's finest jewellery retail chains having spread its glow with 33 stores across 21 cities. ORRA enjoys a strong equity in craftsmanship, trust and diamond supremacy.

ORRA has been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation and is known for its elegant and exquisite designs of Belgian diamonds and 22kt BIS hallmarked gold jewellery in both contemporary and traditional patterns. ORRA designs beautifully marry platinum with diamonds in exquisite collections namely the ORRA Platinum Couples Collection, Eternity Collection and French Bangles.

ORRA also offers solitaires that are available in varied cuts & sizes. Our latest innovation is the ORRA Crown Star solitaire which boasts of 73 facet instead of the usual 57 facet, giving it a radiance that is impossible to hide.

Customers who walk into an ORRA boutique, experience an international ambience with the black & silver colour tones, large vertical displays, lighting that accentuates the jewellery. While the look of the store is very modern, the seating is Indian with comfortable diwans.

ORRA has also won several prestigious awards over the last couple of years namely, the Most Innovative Jewellery of the Year - Retail Jeweller Awards 2008 and the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year Award in 2010.

ORRA's nationwide retail success has prompted us to move ahead with more zest. So we could like to invite you to become ORRA's partner and join a chain of the most exclusive & successful jewellery stores across India.

Contact Person
ORRA Fine Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
1st & 2nd Floor, Gate No. 4
11, Ashok Chakravorty Road,
Tel no: - 91 22 30617777
Fax no: - 91 22 30617778
ORRA franchise
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ORRA franchise