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Gold Bangles & Bracelets

Gold Bangles & Bracelets Description

Gold Bangles & Bracelets

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Gold Bangles & Bracelets

Like special blessings, behest by your side! Yes, gold bangles come with a special dazzle like no other! ORRA presents an exquisite collection of gold bangles for women, all adorned to timeless perfection! Choose from traditional gold bangles or lighter pieces for everyday wear. Go glam with multiple bands, handcrafted looks or simply studded with the best of ORRA’s diamonds! Ranging from 25 to 250 grams, there is no way to go wrong with gold in this category of ornaments!

Our latest collection of gold bangles will help you see the famous style of Saturla bangles in a whole new light! While Saturla bangles are renowned for their ease of wearing and elegant, they have also been much known for their kundan and polki studded look with meenakari work. ORRA however, lays a midas touch to this unique piece of craftsmanship by launching Saturla bangles in complete gold! Lightweight and stylish, these pieces start at 40 grams breaking away from the traditional heavy bangles one would usually see at weddings.

The Ghungroo bangle on the other hand is one of ORRA’s best sellers. Also available to buy online, this beautiful design has captured the hearts of many women with the lilting sounds of the bangle. The traditional concept of Ghungroos with tiny balls of metal has been used to design these bangles. The result is a gorgeous contemporary version of the Ghungroo that tinkles on your wrists when you wear them. Made from 22 kt BIS hallmarked gold, these bangles are a favorite amongst consumers across the country.

ORRA also hosts a wide variety of bracelets, kadas and French bangles as part of its designs as part of its online collection as well. For bracelets, women can choose from our dainty collection either set in sparkling gold or adorned with diamonds. The brand also hosts a wide variety of gold kadas for men. Set in 22kt gold, simple and elegant, the kadas are a promise of purity well suited for daily wear as well.

Amongst French Bangles, the Lumiere collection is sure to steal your heart from the first buy! What the world calls chic, the French call subtle. Masters of the art of minimalistic charm, the French crafted and created this delicate, stand-alone bangle, Chic, elegant, lightweight, these pieces of art were born out of the need to embellish the everyday. A single line of diamonds set in 18k gold. Subtle yet stylish, evocative yet easy on the eye, it went on to be known as the French Bangle. The legacy of the French Bangle lives on at ORRA. Their latest collection, Lumiere is an exquisite constellation of oval shaped open-able bangles crafted with pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and embellished with Belgian diamonds. Each one a testimony to ORRA’s design edge. Each one a masterpiece in its own right.

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