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Sometimes all you need is an uncomplicated chain of gold around your neck to complete the look! ORRA presents a vast array of beautiful gold chain designs, simple, elegant and all that you want in gold! Designed for the contemporary man and woman, gold chains by ORRA are sure to give you the ‘Midas touch’ and make you shine!

Akin to a staple of Indian culture today, the gold chain is not simply a matter of prestige but makes for a very elegant fashion statement as well! From flaunting it simply like a chain to adorning it with a wide range of pendants or even layer long chains as mala designs, the possibilities are endless with what you can do with this simple piece of fashion! Going beyond gold, one can choose from ORRA’s endless collection of platinum chains as well.

Some of the popular designs in chains that are available in 18k and 22k yellow gold chains include tali gold chain designs for women, Laxmi chains, Tulsi mala, Rajkot mala and machine made chains. From interlinked chain designs to box chain patterns and even those studded with precious stones, the list goes on!
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