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Gold Mangalsutra

Gold Mangalsutra Description

Gold Mangalsutra

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Gold Mangalsutra
A quintessential adornment of the Indian bride, a tale of her undying and unending profession of married love, the mangalsutra adorns brides both young and old. Traditionally defined by two strings adorned with black and gold beads along with a pendant at the end, ORRA captures the diversity of India while presenting a whole range of 22kt gold mangalsutras, diamond mangalsutras and detachable tanmaniyas.

As diverse as our country is, so are the different traditions and designs of the mangalsutra some of which have been highlighted as below:

Amongst the northern states, while the tradition of wearing a mangalsutra was not as predominant, movies and television soaps have played a very important role in seeding its rising importance amongst women during their wedding ceremonies. Seen as a symbol of marriage amongst women, it has come off really long with the variations and designs available today. Many choose from diamond mangalsutra designs as well. Another popular choice is that of the mangalsutra being teamed up with a jadau pendant in the centre giving it a very trendy look.

Bowl shaped ‘vatis’ are traditionally significant to the maharashtrian gold mangalsutra signifying Shiva and Shakti. A popular choice for gujarati brides are the traditional black beads embedded with an intricately designed gold hindu mangalsutra design pendant. Called the ‘thaali kodi’ in Tamil Nadu, the 22k gold mangalsutra consists of two half sovereign gold coins called the ‘thaali’ and woven gold strings referred to as the ‘kodi’.

The contemporary woman of today is further expanding the designs that she would like to see either in gold jewellery mangalsutra or diamond necklace types mangalsutras. Many even own different sets and designs that are suitable for traditional functions as compared to lightweight collections suitable for daily wear.

New mangalsutra designs in gold are also soon becoming a popular choice with interchangeable tanmaniya pendants that can be worn in different styles for a new look every day. ORRA has also recently introduced its collection of “Changing Traditions” mangalsutras. The central pendant being inspired by delicate flowers from the lotus to the lily. Designed keeping in mind the concept of “Teen pahar” (unit of time) one can adorn three different looks from morning to evening. Starting with the simple the pendant, move in to just a stylish tanmaniya in the noon and end your day with the pendant sliding into the tanmaniya. So don’t stop short when it comes to choosing designs that you like. Explore ORRA’s collection of mangalsutras today!
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