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While gold mangalsutras have long been popular for their traditional styles and functionality, diamond mangalsutras have steadily carved a niche for themselves amongst Indian women. With intricate designs and heavy embellishments, they are a profession of everlasting love. Presenting a range of the latest diamond mangalsutra designs, ORRA with its coveted ORRA Crown Star allows you to choose from the best online as well as through its stores.

In addition, ORRA has also recently introduced its collection of ‘three-in-one’ mangalsutras in gold and diamond mangalsutra designs. The central pendant being inspired by delicate flowers from the lotus to the lily. One can adorn this piece in three different looks from morning to evening. Starting with the simple the pendant, move in to just a stylish tanmaniya in the noon and end your day with the pendant sliding into the tanmaniya.

A perfect gift for your beautiful wife, which she can wear everyday with both casual as well as formal attire. Explore this and ORRA’s other diamond mangalsutra collections today!

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