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Amongst the many jewels that adorn an Indian woman, the nose pin is amongst the simplest, yet holds for itself a place of absolute pride! Adorned in different styles and designs across the country, ORRA presents a lustrous collection of diamond nose pin designs that are simply irresistible!

Whether you choose to refer to nose pins as a ‘nath’ or part of the ‘solah sringar’, wear it on the right or the left, ORRA’s diamond nose pins help you make a chic statement! Choose from solitaire diamonds or clusters with the heart of a ruby, rounded pin of 18kt gold designs studded with diamonds or a closed screw on design, the diamond will not cease to shine bright!

ORRA simplifies the process of selection by making available its collection of diamond nose pins online of single stone with price. You can also choose to mix and match with matching earrings and other jewellery to complete your look!
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