Certified Belgian Diamonds   Belgian solitaires are ORRA’s forte and we offer an assortment of cuts, sizes and clarity to suit every budget and preference. Our solitaires come with a GIA, IGI and HRD certification. Every piece of diamond studded jewellery comes with an ORRA certificate promising you of superior quality and an unmatched brilliance.


ORRA Crown Star    If you find the radiance of a 56 facet diamond mesmerizing, the brilliance of the 73facet ORRA Crown Star will take your breath away. The design is patented by ORRA making it an exclusive product. The precision with which the ORRA Crown Star is cut gives it an unmatched fire and brilliance.


Exquisite Designs    Every design at ORRA is handcrafted to perfection by master craftsmen who are skilled artisans with a penchant for perfection.  The designs are a manifestation of ORRA’s innovation and expert craftsmanship. The contemporariness of the brand, influenced by its Belgian legacy is portrayed in every creation at ORRA.


Guidance    Jewellery shopping is a personal choice and we wouldn’t like to hamper your experience, but if you do need any assistance while you shop, our expert jewellery consultants will only be glad to assist you.


Secure and memorable experience    We understand your fear of sharing important details online and have provided you with a secure shopping environment, devoid of any compromise on your valuable data. Shopping online with us is swift and hassle free, making your purchase a memorable one.


Upgrade feature    Our upgrade feature allows you to stay in tune with changing trends. Bored of wearing the same jewellery or simply want to try on our latest diamond jewellery collection, we will exchange your diamond studded gold and platinum jewellery for you with within 6 months of your purchase.