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ORRA Gold Pendant

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ORRA Gold Pendant

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Quick Overview

Indian,Classic,Modern,Contemporary,Pendant,Gold ,22Kt

Quick Overview

Indian,Classic,Modern,Contemporary,Pendant,Gold ,22Kt
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  • Product Description

    Designed in the from of the sun, the Ravi pendant features twelve rays, a periphery studded with nine gemstones of planets and syllable Om in the centre. Whenearth revolves around the sun, Gods of the 9 planets cast their influence during the twelve months. Benfits and the Mantra: The Sun is believed to be a remover of diseases,espoecially leprosy. Sages say, Sun,s rays bestow good health and prosperity. Anewly admitted disciple is welcomed by his teacher by reciting the gayatimantra in praise of God Surya. For the worshipper of Surya, the Mantra is Every day in the morning and evening the devotee of sun is supposed to recite this mantra in praise of him.Tradition says that it sharpens your intellect. This Om pendant combines the energies of Lord Aditya and the Navratnas to bring about brilliance and radiance. it assures the devotee a life devoid of diseases and sins.
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