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Choosing the right diamond
What makes a diamond impossible to hide After handpicking the finest, most brilliant diamonds, each stone is etched out by artisans who have inherited the 700-year-old legacy of the Belgian Master Craftsmen, the inventors of diamond sculpting.

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Diamond jewellery

The ORRA Bride. Impossible to hide

When the finest Belgian diamonds surrender to ORRA's skilled craftsmen, brilliance makes a commitment to eternity. To enhance and accentuate a woman on the most important day of her life. ORRA’s exclusive and ornate Bridal collection, handcrafted masterpieces - an elegant diamond choker or a delicate neck-piece with intricate filigree, lends itself beautifully with classic ear studs or traditional diamond jhumkas. Pick an encrusted kada to show off the intricate mehndi or a cluster of eternity bangles to embellish delicate wrists.


A heavy choker set for the bride, chunky bangles for the brides’ mother or a beautifully designed solitaire set for the brides’ sister, there’s something for everyone for that much awaited family wedding. Heirloom pieces which you can pass on to your grandchildren, you will find at an ORRA store. Brilliant Belgian diamonds set in yellow and white gold with innumerable design options, that spell class and pure tradition are what await you.

Every Day Ensemble

The collection consists of extraordinary light weight matching ring, earring, pendant ensembles for the woman who loves stylish coordinated jewellery. The collection boasts of not just extraordinary jewellery but exceptional prices too. Designs inspired by nature such as Feathers collection, sea world, the traditional 7 stone kuda, designs in filigree and cut work are part of the ensembles.
Bangles There is nothing as beautiful as a woman’s hands delicately encased in stunning diamonds. The bangle collection consists of openable bangles set in pink, yellow, white gold and platinum and studded with Belgian diamonds. Also available is a range of one of kind cuffs, single line eternity bangles, traditional pacheli bangles with the ORRA logo.


They’ve adorned royalty, fashionistas, and traditionistas, the hoop comes full circle. Handcrafted in precious metals and adorned with diamonds, handpicked and sculpted by Belgian craftsmen, these classics are reminiscent of traditional artistry with a touch of contemporary designs. With intricate filigree fine round diamonds, set in pave, these classic chandeliers hoops are a pure delight.


There’s nothing more precious than diamonds to express your true love. Do it with élan with ORRA’S Hearts of Perfection range of Diamonds. These diamonds when seen with a special magnifying glass reveal a gorgeous pattern of Heart and Arrows. A valentine gift can’t get more perfect than this.

22Kt Gold.

Traditional gold, trend-setting gold, ORRA gold. Impossible to hide.

The ORRA 22k designs are not just one-of-a-kind, like the woman they were created for, but are masterpieces in their own right. Each piece goes through an intricate design process and stringent quality checks. All the designs on offer are 100% hallmarked and sold on net weight (as compared to the trade where gold jewellery is, by and large, sold on gross weight), with fully transparent pricing and policies. In fact, the ORRA Buyback policies are the best in the trade.


A wedding, a sangeet, a mehndi ceremony or just an evening cocktail party. ORRA boasts of a wide range of 22k gold to suit any occasion. From exquisite wedding collections to exotic kundan and polki to handmade Kolkata and Tappa (Kolhapuri) work to the stunning Nakashi work, each piece is BIS hallmarked, a guarantee of purity.


Kundan also known as Jadau is one of the oldest forms of jewellery made and worn in India. ORRA offers Kundan jewellery in Polki (uncut diamonds) with precious stones like ruby and emeralds and semi precious stones too. A vast offering of heavy bridal sets for the woman who seeks something tradtional and exquisite to pendant sets which can be worn occasionally are available.


Traditional meets contemporary in ORRA’S bangle collection. Catch a glimpse of various Indian traditional art like filigree, enamel work, nakaashi . If a bangle is the only accessory you wear every day, then machine made bangles with rhodium, enamel, cut work are the perfect accessory for daily wear.


Platinum creations- Impossible to hide.

Platinum, the most beautiful of all metals is known for its rarity, purity and versatility. Like diamonds, it has a classic and eternal appeal. Today it is the metal of choice of royalty, movie stars and the glitterati. Platinum reflects the true radiance of diamond because of its brilliant white lustre. ORRA’s Belgian diamonds further enhance the beauty of platinum. ORRA has a diverse range of earrings, bangles, necklaces all crafted to perfection in this timeless metal.

ORRA Platinum Couples

A gentle caress, a stolen embrace, a lifetime of romance…and what better than platinum to symbolize this relationship…a metal that’s pure, precious and timeless like love itself! ORRA Platinum Couples is a collection of HIS and HER matching rings for a couple crafted in platinum and embellished with pure and certified Belgian diamonds. It is a well-known fact that platinum accentuates the sparkle of diamonds. So what better than platinum and diamonds to recreate the magic of a couple’s relationship! This collection also includes the eternity & semi-eternity rings, classic plain platinum bands, solitaire and three stone rings. Express your uniqueness as individuals and your uniqueness as a couple! Designed to perfection to capture the passion, the commitment and the romance in a relationship that truly lasts for eternity!

The Kohinoor Collection

Nothing sets off diamonds better than platinum. It's why the Kohinoor, the most famous diamond in the world was set in platinum, the most precious of all metals. ORRA recreates the magic of Kohinoor - exquisite solitaires set in platinum.

Eternity Bangles Collection

Every woman who can distinguish diamonds knows that her jewellery is incomplete without solitaires and eternity diamonds. The Eternity Collection comprises beautiful bangles set with brilliant cut round diamonds crafted in 18kt gold. The collection is a melange of simple yet elegant bangles set with a single line of diamonds, which can be worn every day. For more formal dos try the bangles crafted with the ORRA logo at the edges.


It’s the moment every woman dreams of. The day that special someone declares his love and everlasting commitment. And what better way to start a new journey than with the perfect ring. Choose from a melange of finely crafted bridal rings in platinum with a choice of Belgian solitaires, diamonds and precious stones placed in a setting of your choice.


Studs, hoops or chandeliers whatever you prefer these is a piece crafted in this precious metal. Very classy designs, add that right amount of oomph to a woman.


Uniqueness has a shape - Impossible to hide

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends they say and they have to be the best to feature in her life. Round, oval, heart, princess, pear, marquise, emerald - Define a diamond’s size, shape or colour and ORRA will make your dream piece a reality. Also on display are “Forevermark” solitaires by DTC. (do we have to mention DTC). Just a little mark to tell you tells you that the diamond you hold in your hand is as unique as you.

ORRA Crown Star

The ORRA Crown Star is a 73 facet solitaire inspired by the 700 year old Belgian legacy of diamond crafting. These facets are aligned in perfect symmetry and proportion to provide maximum brilliance and scintillation. These solitaires are being certified by HRD, Belgium. While any brilliant diamond is defined by its natural elements of clarity and colour, the precise craftsmanship of cut gives this diamond an edge above the others in brilliance.


ORRA pioneered the trend of Spiritual jewellery in India with its first collection Svyambhu in 1991. These collections are not just beautiful pieces of jewellery but have innate religious significance. The collection is set in 22kt gold & platinum adorned with precious stones like rubies, emeralds, pearls and pure Belgian diamonds, combined with stones of traditional significance like rudraksha, tiger stone, coral, and the holy Navratnas, whereas the designs take inspiration from the Gods. This line of jewellery is conceptualised by ORRA’S design team under the guidance of Dr. A.P.Jamkhedkar, who has participated in many National and International Seminars on Religion, Archaeology and Art History. Each spiritual pendant comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box and a beautiful pothi, describing the collection.

One of a kind

The spark of genius. Impossible to hide If eternity had a ramp, these would be the showstoppers.

Million Euro Bustier

Unveiling the Million Euro Bustier, using 6972 pieces of natural white diamonds, unveiled in the presence of their Royal Highness Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium.

Anjolie Ela Menon

A sparkling collaboration with one of India's renowned painters, Anjoli Ela Menon. This unique piece has the Anjoli Ela Menon miniature painting framed in rose cut diamonds with an open setting. Attached below the frame is a Forevermark diamond which is set with a South sea pearl. The back of the frame is filigree detailing which opens up to an etched signature of Anjoli Ela Menon on gold foil. This distinct mark makes this piece one of a kind. NEW ARRIVALS The first cut. Impossible to hide


ORRA presents the Aquila Collection. A set of exquisite designs crafted using the latest ‘Micropave’ technique, where a large diamond is set in the centre and smaller, brilliantly cut diamonds are set closely around it. The result: a radiant piece of jewellery that equals the brilliance of a solitaire. This unique design pattern that bears resemblance to a constellation of stars, is the inspiration behind our Aquila collection. Every piece in the collection echoes this philosophy.

Coins and bars


In its constant endeavour to draw from our rich cultural heritage, ORRA has transposed the auspicious embellishments of the Mandana folk art form onto the canvas of gold. ORRA sells 24kt (999 purity) gold bars and coins. Each gold bar is stamped with the ORRA logo, a trust that your gold is pure.