Bangles & Bracelets

Bangles & Bracelets

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Bangles & Bracelets

When you look for platinum bangles, ORRA’s collection is simply divine! Studded with rows of eternity diamonds, or crafted in simple yet stunning designs, the collection is an ode to hands that embrace nothing but pure love! Consisting of timeless designs, ORRA is home to sleek, contemporary and flawless platinum bangle-bracelets as well as platinum kadas. 

While in India, gold bangles may have been a woman’s first love, platinum bangles are slowly growing to be a new favourite for its fluidity of timeless designs. Flaunted either as everyday wear, or sparkling across the dance floor at a cocktail evening, platinum designs are here to stay! Replete with designs etched nothing short of modern art ORRA’s collection of platinum bangles range from link locked chains and dual tones, that are sure satisfy your love for all things platinum! 

On a quest for innovation, ORRA has also launched Platinum Couple Bracelets, a never before seen concept in India. Based on consumer feedback and the growing trend of men’s jewellery in the category of platinum bracelets and chains, ORRA introduced matching bracelets as a form of expression of love. The designs made for the couple ensure a masculine look for the male bracelets with a more delicate rendition of the same design for the female.

Today, any jewellery collection is incomplete without the eternity of platinum! Choose from ORRA's wide collection of platinum bangles and bracelets sets with brilliantly cut Belgian diamonds to exude elegance today.