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When it comes to choosing platinum jewellery, earrings cannot be left behind. Envisioned in pure platinum, earrings with fabulously cut diamonds help complete your look! Choose from ORRA’s astounding collection of platinum earrings for women that are sure to sweep you off your feet: Studs: Smooth curves, clean angles and their stunning versatility make them a perfect fit for any look. Line these platinum earrings with diamonds and they are simply all the more alluring!

Eccentric designs: From pieces of a puzzle that fit together or Aztec prints in perfect symmetry, platinum earrings for women from ORRA are versatile and vogue. Teamed with rose gold, or punctuated with a matte look, these ,earrings are hold true to sublime and contemporary preferences.

Exclusive designer pieces: Amongst others, choose from ORRA’s stunning designer pieces including the Chandelier Earrings which are finely crafted in platinum, studded with diamonds and portray a scenic view of the ocean under the moonlight. ORRA’s award winning and finely crafted Dream catcher earrings symbolize strength & unity and embody perfection.

Bridal collection: As the combination of platinum and diamonds presents itself as a growing preference, sets in platinum embedded with diamonds are a sure hit amongst contemporary brides looking for a fresh look. With diamonds set in platinum bridal collections such inspired by the allure of nature, make a statement with a simple yet elegant designs.

Everyday wear: Hand-picked selection of breathtaking creations, each of which is a lyrical song on its own, ORRA’s Antara collection of platinum earrings see designs that were designed so that you sparkle every day! Inspired by the soothing sound of water and the ephemeral dance of sunbeams, this collection of earrings captures the elegance of nature perfectly. Light, sparkling and sharp, the raindrop earrings evoke the rhythmic sway of cascading Indian rains.

So the next time you are looking for earrings, be sure to browse through ORRA,’s extensive collection of earrings today!