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Platinum Pendants

Platinum Pendants Description

Platinum Pendants

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Platinum Pendants
What is it that you love the most about platinum? Is it the flawless shine, its versatility of its promise of being eternal? Whatever be your choice, ORRA presents the glory of platinum through its stunning collection of pendants for a heart that beats selflessly!

Choose from single solitaire pendants or the glorious ORRA Crown Star studded pieces, as no platinum chain is every complete without the accompaniment of the pendant! With intricate platinum pendant designs crafted carefully to create one-of-a-kind pieces, ORRA’s collection of platinum pendants range from designs themed around nature, geometry, puzzles, spirituality and more.

Choose from some of the latest platinum pendant ensembles as below:-

• Inspired from a sky full of stars, this diamond studded platinum and rose gold pendant ensemble is perfect to make a style statement.

• The concept of past, present and future is beautifully captured in the dual tone platinum ensemble, where the first line represents memories of the past, the middle the beautiful present and the extreme right, the mysterious future.

• The duet pendant ensemble, as portrayed by the two ORRA Crown Star diamonds represents the togetherness in a relationship.The concentric circles represent the aura around such beautiful togetherness.

• To complete the global digitalization happening at present the ensemble takes its inspiration from the pixel form. The pixels are represented by the circular dots. The designs show a shift from simple lines and how digitalization has helped in shaping the world.

Whether you are choosing platinum work wear pendants or simply for gifting, you simply cannot go wrong with ORRA’s flawless platinum pendant designs! Go through our fabulous collection today.
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