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Platinum Jewellery

Platinum Jewellery Description

Platinum Jewellery

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    Platinum Jewellery
    Pure, rare, eternal, versatile, words fall short while describing this flawless metal! Platinum has been crafted in to stunning jewellery that has slowly become a style statement for contemporary couples. From stunning platinum pendants, earrings, rings and bands to bangles & bracelets, chains and necklaces, ORRA is one of the front runners when it comes to platinum jewellery in India.

    • While the list is endless to choose from, browse through ORRA’s fascinating collection of platinum jewellery online including the ORRA Platinum Couples bands which are a set of complementary His and Her rings celebrate the unison of a couple and the beautiful journey of love. The bridal platinum rings are elaborately designed and set with large solitaires. The design signifies the grandeur of a wedding, and the raised setting of the solitaire stands for a love that is superior to all else.These exquisitely crafted rings are embellished with certified Belgian diamonds and are created by ORRA’s award-winning designers. Other designs for platinum bands under the ORRA Platinum Couples banner include stunners such as Duets, Love Code, Infinity and Love Link, each one symbolic to the essence of eternal love.

    • After having establishing design supremacy with Platinum Couple Bands in India a decade ago, ORRA has also launched Platinum Couple Bracelets - a never before seen concept in India. The designs made for the couple ensure a masculine look for the male bracelets with a more delicate rendition of the same design encrusted with diamonds for the female.

    • A growing favorite at Indian weddings today, platinum jewellery is carving a niche for itself for brides who wish to stay fashionably flawless while expressing her independence in making a choice beyond gold jewellery or diamond jewellery. Keeping this in mind, ORRA has launched different platinum necklace collections including the ‘Tulip’ bridal collection, striking platinum embedded with flawless diamonds and platinum bridal jewellery inspired by the everlasting fragrance of the jasmine flower. ORRA woos brides all over to be enchanted by the stunning simplicity and beauty of its latest collections made with precious platinum and adorned with diamonds.

    ORRA also has won many awards for its platinum designs, the most recent being the ‘Dreamcatcher’ earrings which have been inspired from the concept of mystical Dreamcatchers. The pair of earrings is finely crafted in 51 grams of Platinum and 4.8 carats of Brilliant cut Diamonds and won the award for the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year - Retail Jeweller India Award 2015.

    • For daily wear, ORRA has a growing mélange of precious platinum earrings, rings and pendants across its collections including Mandala, Lavanya Dahilia, Antara and Zinia.

    • ORRA also hosts a mesmerizing range of platinum chains and platinum bangles & bracelets that are lightweight and suited for everyday wear.

    So don’t miss your chance to experience platinum like never before! Browse though ORRA’s collections today!

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