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A diamond is forever. We capture it in a forever ring that stays close to your heart and makes every occasion special. Rings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery. As little as they are, there's a lot more they convey. From love and everlasting togetherness in romantic diamond solitaires, to shining a spotlight on elaborate occasions such as weddings and engagements. Finger rings in gold and diamonds make wonderful keepsakes for deep relationships, and act as heirloom collectibles for family remembrances.

At ORRA, we know the value of relationships in your life and have special collections of diamond finger rings curated for occasions and special relationships, rings for girls and men’s ring in different colored gold and platinum for everyday wear. These collections have elaborate, innovative patterns you can choose from. They are modern and contemporary, while minimalist diamond solitaire rings stun you with their elegance.


Our diamond rings for girls are truly versatile in their variety. While simple single diamond rings are great for birthdays and special occasions, they are also very intricately and innovatively designed, lightweight and great for daily wear. Whether its engagement rings for women or wedding bands, every diamond ring can be customized as per your taste and budget and your partner’s requirements in cut, color, quality and metal purity.

We also have a vast and exclusive range of men's diamond rings on our website, platinum rings for men with diamonds or simple platinum bands, gold solitaire rings, in multiple designs and with varying prices.


Gold rings are everlasting. A gift in gold to yourself or a loved one is always special. We take this gifting up a notch with a varied, wonderful collection of diamond rings in yellow gold, diamond rings in rose gold and white gold. Our special Astra and Desired collections of jewellery feature unusual and unique designer rings you can choose for various occasions.

Our women’s gold and diamond rings stun in their simplicity and cutting-edge designs, from simple solitaires to elaborate designer rings. Among men’s gold rings, are designs that you can buy for your son or partner, exclusively sold in our online store."


Platinum rings with diamonds are a range of jewellery that we showcase especially for our patrons. Such jewellery is great for everyday wear, with designs in solitaire, textured and smooth feel, and featuring a collection of diamonds for special occasions.


The king among diamond rings, solitaire rings with a single diamond lead are symbolic and magnificent. These rings are special, iconic, add shine to the occasion and make you stand apart in the crowd.

Our unique range of diamond solitaire rings will embellish your fingers to make you stand out. They are perfect gift to partners or propose to loved ones, for engagements and weddings, anniversaries and occasions. Our dedicated collection of solitaire rings for men and solitaire for women in gold, give you plentiful to choose from."


1. How do I choose a ring perfect for the occasion?

Browse through our ring collections, filter what you are looking for and make a choice keeping the person, occasion, design, and lifestyle in mind. If one ring catches your fancy and matches your design idea, taste and budget, go for it!

2. What is special about solitaire rings?

Solitaire rings define timelessness and tradition. They are the rings of kings, and have crowned some of the most special occasions throughout history. Gifting a solitaire ring, means elevating the person or occasion from simple to extraordinary.

3. Which rings are the best for men and women?

Go for simple gold men’s rings studded with diamonds, and when it comes to women, choose diamond rings from the most simple to the most elaborate depending on the occasion.