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ORRA advantages


A promise to our customers

Buying diamonds is a joyous experience.
The thrill of a solitaire on your finger is second to none.
Which one of us wouldn’t love to rush to our nearest store and go diamond shopping?
However when buying diamonds keep in mind certain criteria that matter.
At ORRA, commitment to our customers is uncompromising so when you step into our store you are
guaranteed the best diamond to suit your taste and budget.

How do we do this?

For starters, we offer only the best Certified Belgian Diamonds -

Belgian solitaires are ORRA’s forte and we have an assortment of cuts, sizes and clarity
to suit every budget and preference. Our solitaires come with a GIA, IGI and HRD certification.
Every piece of diamond-studded jewellery comes with an ORRA certificate ensuring superior quality
and an unmatched brilliance So when you shop at ORRA you know you are buying the best…

The jewel in our crown is our patented 73faceted ORRA Crown Star which will take your breath away.
A heightened level of brilliance and fire due to the uniqueness of its cut makes the
ORRA star a captivation that mesmerizes anyone who gazes at these amazing diamonds.

The design is patented by ORRA, making it an exclusive product.
The precision with which the ORRA Crown Star is cut gives it an unmatched fire and brilliance.

ORRA advantages
ORRA advantages


Looking for a necklace for a fussy bride, or a diamond for your daughter’s eighteenth birthday?

Our array of designs boggle the mind with something to suit everyone - that’s because master
craftsmen handcraft pieces to perfection making every item on the jewelry tray both innovative and stylish.

Then you know what a pleasure it is to shop in a store where the staff greet you by name and
can immediately discern what suits you and looks good against your face?

Often customers at ORRA can’t decide on what to buy and it is the patience of our experienced staff
that helps them make this difficult decision.

We’ve had customers in such a tizzy because they just can’t decide what to buy and eventually leave
with more than they bargained for – But always with a smile on their lips!


For days you don’t want to venture out but still covet a diamond (Who doesn’t)?
Now you can shop online in a secure environment and guess what?

We’ve saved the best for last!

If you get tired of your purchase or simply want to experiment then our unique upgrade feature allows
you to stay in touch with changing trends.

We will exchange your diamond studded gold and platinum jewellery for you with within 6 months of
your purchase. (Terms and conditions apply).

Shopping at ORRA is not just about the diamonds.
It’s about a marriage of trust, expertise and beauty – Can you ask for more?

ORRA advantages