The spark of lineage since 1888

The journey of a million gazes began in 1888 before it metamorphosed into ORRA. From sculpting and manufacturing diamonds to crafting and retailing the finest diamond and gold jewellery, ORRA has come a long way since its inception. Today, ORRA is one of India's finest jewellery retail chains, having spread its glow with 66 stores across 29 cities and has consistently been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with 5 global design centres.

Master craftsmen who have inherited the centuries - old legacy of jewellery making, brilliantly cut Belgian diamonds, delicate designs in 22kt BIS Hallmarked gold., elaborate Bridal sets in kundan polki and coloured stones, the 73 facet ORRA Crown Star, the one-of-its-kind ORRA boutique.these are just some of the facets that go into making ORRA - the jewellery destination that's impossible to hide.


Craftwork brilliance that is impossible to hide

The ORRA woman is in a constant state of metamorphosis. While her romance with diamond jewellery is eternal, the magnificence of 22k gold, beckoned alluringly. ORRA stepped up to the challenge and drew on its inherent design and technical expertise, to create a line of exclusive gold jewellery that spelt out design and craftsmanship. Jewellery that is elegant and contemporary, traditional classics with a contemporary twist, designs that echo modernism without sacrificing the classic values of gold.

store experience
A Walk Into Eternity
When you walk into an ORRA boutique, you walk into eternity. Minimalistic and unobtrusive, each boutique is modelled on the lines of international store formats, while retaining the warmth of Indian hospitality. The blend of the structural uniqueness of the diamond and the strong Belgian legacy, has given rise to the creation of a mysterious, elegant and stylish environment. The two key starting points for the design were the facets of the diamond and ORRA’s Belgian heritage. The facets of the diamond are represented in the glass facade, unique faceted chandeliers and steel installations fitted with crystals balls. The store has focus
lighting which highlights the jewellery designs and ambient lighting which creates a premium shopping experience. Equipped with all the embellishments required to select the piece that was crafted just for you, these boutiques have today become the ultimate destination for the choicest jewellery in the country. With special emphasis on the buying process, the entire look of the store is spectacular without being intimidating. A customer can relax and feel at ease, browse, try on and select from our extensive range of designs. We have designated zones to individually showcase our diamond, gold and platinum collections.