ORRA The Journey so far

‘Diamonds are forever’. Forged over a thousand years ago, revealing a sparkle that darkness cannot hide, eternal in its story, a diamond is an everlasting legacy. Merging shine and energy to lend allure & elegance to your persona, the diamonds of ORRA trace their lineage to 1888. Crafted by experienced master artisans working on brilliantly cut Belgian diamonds carved into exquisitely designed 22kt BIS Hallmarked gold, our jewellery is defined by superior industry standards. Featuring India’s exquisite diamond jewellery, traditional sets of kundan, polki & colored stones, and modern, minimalist pieces in gold for the modern empowered woman.

Starting its journey in 1888 with an ode to diamonds and stones that resonate with energy, strength and stability, ORRA first began operations with sourcing, manufacturing and sculpting diamonds and now retails the finest at our stores across the country. 

We began first as ‘Intergold’, and our first store was opened at Hughes Road, Mumbai. Pioneering the spiritual line of pendants, launching ‘Couple Platinum Bands’ and having the ‘ORRA Crown Star 100 faceted diamond’ launched by HRH Prince Phillipe of Belgium are some of our successful accomplishments during the first few decades. Thereafter we have continuously released award winning jewellery collections, set up the brand’s largest store in Andheri, Mumbai and introduced Divaa - our lab grown brand of diamonds which are the fastest selling today. We have come a long way since our inception and are today known for authenticity and quality, reflected in collaborations with successful fashion designers and industry influencers. Emphasizing our aesthetics are the 5 global design centers we’ve set up that explore and experiment on various facets defining our collections. 

our vision & mission

Our vision is to become the most trusted and dominant
 Diamond & Platinum Jewellery brand in the country.

Our Mission is to create an ecosystem encompassing all our stakeholders so as to delight our customers through our products for various occasions.

We all strive relentlessly to achieve our goal by nurturing a highly competent and enthusiastic workforce.

We will use sustainable methods in all our work processes and demonstrate concern for environment at all times.

Our magnificent collections with a wide range of styles to choose from

Crown Star:

India’s Brightest 73 Faceted Diamond

In 2020, ORRA launched its iconic Crown Star collection, crafted with the most brilliant 73 faceted diamonds. ORRA holds the patent in India for this 73-facet diamond called the ORRA Crown Star. The 73 faceted diamond dazzles the onlooker with superior brilliance, fire and sparkle and is incomparable to the regular 57 faceted diamond. This diamond is cut to maximize its light performance. The result is what every woman seeks to outshine in a crowd.

Born to be Brilliant: Certified for maximum brilliance, which is the measure of the white light that the diamond throws back, the ORRA Crown Star outshines all other diamonds. 

Made of Fire: Certified for maximum fire, which is the measure of the bright coloured light that diamond reflects, the ORRA Crown Star ensures the flashes of coloured light that catches the eyes.

Meant to Sparkle: Certified for maximum Sparkle. which is the measure of bouncing light from point to point on the diamond, the ORRA Crown Star emanates a delightfully scintillating dance of light from within.

ASTRA Collection: 

The bejeweled ASTRA collection is ORRA’s homage to the beauty of the starry night sky. The designs of elegant diamond necklaces and earrings are curated keeping the evolving tastes of contemporary consumers in mind.

The pieces can be purchased at INR 99,999 at 0% interest and exclusive EMI options. The sets feature stunning layering for an opulent look, with three and four-liner necklaces with diamond-centric designs.


Desired collection is designed to appeal to the fashion conscious, modern women who think of jewellery as a fashion statement with an extension of their personality targeted at millennials. The trendy and versatile jewellery collection is crafted  with over a wide range of styles available.

Whether for celebratory occasions or everyday wear, the ORRA woman can rest assured about finding whatever she needs across our diamond jewellery collections. Our range of exclusive diamond jewellery showcases a play of design and craftsmanship, merging old and the new; from traditional indigenous designs to jewellery with modern forms, alluding to specific preferences.