When you want to create a star, you need to push the boundaries of the imagination.
The ORRA Crown Star was born out of such a dream to create a diamond with a never-before-seen radiance.
When you say diamond, people usually picture a round brilliant cut, which has 57 / 58 facets. The ORRA Crown Star is a 73 faceted asterix (Application No.: 391724-001) diamond crafted to maximize light performance. With 73 facets, almost 30% more than a standard cut of 57 facets, the Crown Star diamond’s light capturing and reflection properties are unmatched. Resulting in a diamond of unparalleled brilliance, fire and scintillation and more importantly, allowing the wearer to Outshine every day.

Birth of a legend

The ORRA Crown Star In 2011, ORRA started working on creating the perfect diamond to fulfill its raison d'être - outshine every other diamond in the room.

The birth of every Crown Star diamond begins with a careful selection of the most beautiful and promising diamond from over a million rough diamonds. These rough diamonds are sorted and selected for their rare beauty and innate radiance. ORRA’s master craftsmen then work tirelessly to create a truly one-of-a-kind jewel of mesmerizing brilliance and radiance. The rare beauty and exquisite quality of this diamond inspired ORRA to name it as the jewel in its crown- the Crown Star.


A well cut diamond should be superior in theory. But not necessarily. Using the best and clearest rough diamond combed out of millions of carats, the ORRA diamond experts cut and polish the diamond to perfection to awaken an unimagined brilliance. 

The extra facets cut by expert technicians have been well placed during months of meticulous craftsmanship to enhance the brilliance, fire and sparkle of the diamond. Brilliance refers to the brightness of a diamond, created by the combination of all the white light reflected from the surface and the inside of at

polished diamond. When light hits a diamond's surface, some light enters and some is reflected back. Fire refers to the brilliant, colourful flashes reflected by the diamond. The fire effect is caused by the dispersion of light as it travels through the diamond. The better the cut of the diamond, the more vibrant the dispersed colours will appear. Sparkle refers to the dance of light which is produced when a diamond is moved from side to side. These flashes are caused when the light that isn't reflected back from the table, enters the diamond and bounces off the inside walls of the diamond. You can experience this difference between an ORRA Crown Star and a regular 57 facet diamond under our Brilliancescope at all our stores. Every Crown Star diamond is graded and certified for maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle. The master craftsmanship at ORRA transforms this carefully selected rough diamond into a star that is full of brilliance, movement and life. Creating a jewel that is a classic heirloom.