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ORRA Crown Star

Orra Crown Star is a 73 Facets Solitaire, inspired by the 700 year old Belgian legacy of diamond crafting. While a traditional diamond has 58 facets, the ORRA Crown Star has 73 Facets.

These facets are aligned in perfect symmetry and proportion to provide maximum brilliance and scintillation.

These solitaires are being certified by IGI.

For it’s ORRA Crown Star, ORRA is having a co-branding with IGI for certification and every solitaire is inscribed with Orra Crown Star 73.

While any brilliant diamond is defined by its natural elements of clarity and color, the precise craftsmanship of cut gives this diamond an edge above the others in brilliance.

Each orra solitaire has third party certification. Certification bodies are GIA, IGI and HRD.

Brillance Scope

  • All Orra Diamond are guaranteed to High Fire, Sparkle and Brilliance.
  • Only brand in India which provides Solitaire Brilliance certification.
  • All solitaires are high and above in brilliance, fire and sparkle.
  • Also certifies the light performance in each solitaire.

Bar Graphs

The Bar Graphs on each certificate to show you the diamond’s rating compared to all other diamonds of the same shape.

Five Light Measurements

The five light measurements show how the diamond will look when you are wearing it. What makes a diamond show its brilliance, fire and sparkle are the way the diamond plays with light. This is measured by moving the diamond or the light.

Identical View

The Identical View reveals the craftsmanship and symmetry of the diamond. Use this image to positively match your diamond and the Certificate with the Viewer.

Low v/s Excellent Cut on Brilliance Scope

Dia WtColorClarityCutPolishFymSlrBrillanceFireSparkle

Dia WtColorClarityCutPolishFymSlrBrillanceFireSparkle