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Can be redeemed from 6th month onwards. Refer calculator below for details

10+1 Advance Purchase Plan Calculator

Slide or enter monthly installment amount
Your total payment :
( Period of 10 months)
Rs. 30,000
100% Discount on 11th installment
( 100% of 1 month installment value)
Rs. 3,000

Buy any jewellery worth:
( after 11th month)
Rs. 33,000
You effectively pay:
( 9.09% discount)
Rs. 30,000

10+1 Advance Purchase Plan

A scheme thoughtfully designed for you just like our Jewellery.

ORRA presents the Advance Purchase Plan, a unique scheme in which you can purchase jewellery by paying 10 equal monthly installments as low as Rs.3,000 or higher amounts in multiples of Rs.500 & purchase jewellery at fixed discount at the end of the 10 th month from enrolling in the scheme.

The smart way to buy jewellery.

ORRA presents Advance Purchase Scheme in which you can make equal monthly instalments as low as Rs.3,000/- for 10 (ten) months, and redeem the advance instalments made by purchasing jewellery at a discount equivalent to one month's instalment, at the end of the thirtieth day of paying your 10th instalment. The Scheme allows you to purchase jewellery which is worth much more than what you pay for. ORRA is one of India's leading jewellery chains with a vast network of showrooms across India. ORRA is well known for the finest cut Belgium diamonds and the most innovative designs. We also offer the most contemporary designs in BIS hallmarked 22k gold jewellery. You can purchase brilliant diamonds only at ORRA, with third party certification. ORRA strongly believes that the customer's purchase experience should be memorable. The Scheme allows you to plan your jewellery purchase, whether large or small, well in advance, by making 10 (ten) easy monthly installments.

How much do I need to pay to enroll in this scheme?

You can enroll in the Scheme by committing to make 10 (ten) equal monthly instalments of an amount as low as Rs.3,000/-, or a higher amount if you desire, in multiples of Rs. 500/-.

What is the discount I get on my instalments under the Scheme and what happens if I fail to pay my monthly instalments?

It is important that you continue to make all monthly instalments for a period of 10 (ten) months, in order to be entitled to the entire discount of 100% of your one month's instalment. In case you fail to pay one or more monthly instalments, the discount that you shall be entitled to shall be reduced in the following manner: If customer pay's 10 advance payments than 100% of one month's instalment, 9 advance payments than 70% of one month's instalment, 8 advance payments than 50% of one month's instalment, 7 advance payments than 30% of one month's instalment, 6 advance payments than 25% of one month's instalment It is expressly clarified that the customer shall be entitled to redeem and purchase jewellery only for the amount paid by the said customer under the Scheme plus such discount, as applicable. Further, the customer shall not be entitled to any discount whatsoever in case such customer has not paid at least 6 (six) monthly advances pursuant to the Scheme.

Why should I enroll at ORRA?

ORRA has a vast network of showrooms across India. So you book your jewellery to be redeemed at any store in the ORRA network. ORRA has been rated as one of India's most trusted brand for 3 years in a row in consumer research. Having been around for over a decade, your advance booking money is safe with ORRA until you choose to redeem it for jewellery. There are different reasons for buying jewellery. Wedding purchases, diwali gifts, gifts for family, different sets for family functions or outings or sometimes just because you deserve a treat. Whatever the reason may be, you can now plan any purchase well in advance so that it doesn't hurt your wallet at one go. When you have extra money, it is easy to indulge in things you love but don't have any long term value. With this scheme, you get into the habit of saving this extra money every month and spending on the most invaluable indulgence- jewellery.

What is the paperwork I require to fill in for enrolling?

You will be required to fill out a form to enroll in the Scheme and pay the first instalment, after which ORRA will provide you with a passbook, which you will be required to maintain. Please note you will be required to preserve your passbook carefully during the tenure of the Scheme, as it contains the details of the monthly instalments paid by you, and works as a one point reconciliation for your redemption. Please request the ORRA customer executive at the concerned ORRA showroom, to update your passbook every time you pay your monthly instalment.

How do I make the monthly payments?

You need to pay all your monthly instalments only at the showroom where you had enrolled in the Scheme and received your passbook from. Payments may be made in the form of cheques / cash / credit card / debit card. Please ensure that you carry your passbook during these payments and ensure that your passbook is updated every time you make a payment under the Scheme. You will be required to pay the monthly instalments on or before the third day of enrolling in the Scheme and thereafter, on the same date on every succeeding month, for a period of 10 months. You will be entitled to redeem your monthly instalments and purchase the jewellery on the [thirtieth] day following the payment of your last instalment.

What kinds of jewellery can I purchase under the Advance Purchase Scheme?

You can choose from ORRA's exquisite 22 k BIS hallmarked gold jewellery, diamond studded jewellery collection, special spiritual collection and platinum jewellery. All our diamonds are certified not just for the colour and clarity but also for the brilliant cut which ensures that the diamonds catch everybody's eye.